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Jonas Brothers On The Tonight Show

The brothers briefly discussed the issue of women being Sexy and Kevin 18th birthday.. They have also tried to hand a comedy and dissed the Cleveland Browns. Kevin Joe And Nick Jona stopped by the Tonight Show and had a nice chat with host Jay Leno. The Jonas Brother discussed their recent victory in AMA s, the band Coldplay and their favorite tour stops.
3.12.08 10:54

Beyonce Knowles Solange Suffered From Beyonce Link Recording New Album

She says Britain Hello magazine, I can see how people might think that I m here because of Beyonce. BEYONCE younger sister SOLANGE KNOWLES had to fight to get his songs heard by top music producers - because nobody wanted to be known for helping the brother of a superstar. Dreams, but she admits having such a famous star in the family was more of a hindrance than a help, as he struggled to win big names like Q - Tip Pharrell William and with his talent. Solange, 22, recently released his second album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St.
3.12.08 10:54

Akon Quot Variety Show

Akon, hip-hop chorus popular crooner, may ask to have been in prison, but his sound t locked into a single genre. Her high-pitched voice, rhyming skills and straightforward, accessible texts are easily applied to many types of music: hip-hop, pop, reggae and even techno. The 35 years self-proclaimed sentenced to versatility shows his third and latest album, Freedom. Akon package of musical ability is comparable to the curry, but hot, and may in any dish of products it. Akon masterfully craft potential hit rave European clubs, Top-40 radio and socially conscious coffee.
3.12.08 10:54

George Michael Slow Ticket Sales Hamper Michael Quot Final Gig

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, A Lot Of The Youngsters Here Arent Interested In His Music - Theyre Into Up-to-date Stuff It Was Embarrassing. But the organizers of the concert at the Emirate Palace Hotel is said to have been disappointed after bands do not sell seats, leaving them to give away the remaining tickets for the star played to a packed audience. The pop star is said to have signed a $ 1. GEORGE MICHAEL final concert in the United Arab Emirates has been hit by slow ticket sales with the organizers reported giving away many of the places for free. 5 million euros (GBP1 million) deal to perform one last concert in a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi on Monday (01Dec08) night - despite recently staged a series of Retirement shows.
3.12.08 10:54

Delias My Other Lover Jokes Love Rat Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay has laughed off further allegations about his private life of crudely joking that he read Delia Smith. The foul-mouth presenter of Channel 4 The F-Word has cheated on his wife Tana, 33, with a further two women, Reports said yesterday..
3.12.08 10:53


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